Nursing Homes Do Evict Parents For Your Medicaid Mistakes

It is natural to overlook the potential disaster of a situation when it is much more pleasant to believe everything is going to work out just fine even if it actually is not. Nobody likes to think about the reality of their parent or spouse being evicted from a nursing home because somebody made a mistake in trying to create Medicaid eligibility; but it does happen. You could be dealing with a nursing home eviction or involuntary discharge even if you are not ready for it, even if you mistakenly relied on the nursing home for Medicaid eligibility advice, and even if your parent’s life may be endangered by a nursing home eviction.

In case you are skeptical that nursing homes actually do evict residents when they do not pay their bill, here is a real nursing home involuntary discharge (also called “eviction” when they force someone to leave against their will) notice from Legend Oaks in North Houston Nursing Home Eviction Letter_Redacted. The person who received this letter attempted to obtain Houston nursing home Medicaid benefits for their parent. They did not have an experienced Woodlands Medicaid attorney working with them and they ended up getting denied for Medicaid. After the HHSC denied Medicaid benefits for this person’s parent, the Legend Oaks North Houston nursing home began eviction proceedings.

With the right advice at the right time, this entire ordeal could have been avoided.

When you add eviction on top of the stress of a parent trying to get adequate care in a nursing home you end up with an extremely difficult time for the parent and the child. You can avoid nursing home eviction for your loved one by doing things right the first time with a Woodlands Elder Law attorney. If you are going down the nursing home Medicaid road without an experienced Medicaid attorney then you better get everything right the first time or you could be on the receiving end of a letter very similar to this one.

If you need your parent or spouse to qualify for Medicaid benefits to help pay the nursing home bill then give me a call at (832) 592-7913 to get started.

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