Free Asset Protection Estimate

The 4th of July is coming up and in the spirit of the holiday I invite you to declare your independence from nursing home costs draining your loved one’s life savings. Starting today and for a limited time only The Shea Law Firm is providing a free estimate of the Medicaid asset protection you may be able to take advantage of.

Remember, the estimate is only as accurate as the information you provide so be as accurate as possible.

A vital part of the estimate process is knowing the monthly expenses of the Medicaid Applicant so the estimate works best if the individual is already in a facility or if you have an accurate estimate of the monthly cost for the nursing home you are looking at.

Don’t miss out on a vital opportunity. Every check you write the nursing home is another $5,000 or more that you won’t get back and won’t be able to protect.

To get started, simply download this Excel spreadsheet and fill in the highlighted areas. Texas Medicaid Asset Protection Estimate

Due to the limited number of free estimates available I request that if my location in The Woodlands is a barrier to us working together that you contact an attorney closer to you to discuss asset protection.

This article and offer are from June of 2012. The free offer is no longer available. Asset protection estimates are available for a fee of $250.

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