We Believe You Should Keep Your Life Savings…

As a Medicaid lawyer for over 20 years I’ve seen it all. Since every family is unique, the solutions I create for you need to reflect that.

It isn’t enough just to get Medicaid after you have already lost your life savings. We want you to get Medicaid before you lose your life savings, keep your hard fought benefits, and then avoid the Estate Recovery clawback down the road. And we do it all in one complete service.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • I will personally meet with you to discuss your goals – do you need assets, income or assets and income. Every step we take from that point will be towards achieving your goals.
  • We know it can be overwhelming to get all the documentation together for your case so we help you get everything at no additional cost.
  • There may be more than one path to accomplish your goals. We explore them all and find the best custom fit your unique situation.
  • We put the plan you choose into motion, taking you through each step one-on-one.
  • Next we address any other issues that could delay benefits and fix them.
  • Once we have completed positioning you for asset protection and Medicaid eligibility we then prepare the complete application and represent you through the HHSC application audit. You won’t have to deal with them, we do.
  • Now that we have won your case, what happens next year? Medicaid has to renew benefits every year or you get kicked off. We prepare, file, and represent you through the renewal process every year at no additional cost.
  • Even after all that there is still one more danger out there. Medicaid Estate Recovery. That is where the State makes a claim against the person’s estate when they pass away. We make sure you avoid the Medicaid Estate Recovery claim.

That is what we can do for you. One complete solution for protecting your life savings, getting Medicaid, keeping Medicaid, and then avoiding Medicaid Estate Recovery.

What about Distance?

We would love it if everyone we worked with was located right next door to us and could personally visit but unfortunately Texas is a big state and even people far away deserve the opportunity to protect their life savings. We do work with families throughout the entire state of Texas and those families get the same tremendous results as the families right next door. Through advances in technology we are able to bridge the gap that not being in the same room creates.

Contact Us

To get started with your case:

  • you can call us at (832) 856-4526. If I’m not available when you call I will return your call as soon as possible. This is the fastest option.
  • you can email us at 2024@texastitle19.com. This is the second fastest option.
  • you can schedule a call-back directly in our calendar.