Take Back Control

Can you answer these questions?

  1. My loved one’s nursing home is ________________________.
  2. My loved one’s nursing home costs $____________ every month.
  3. My loved one will be broke on ___________.
  4. My loved one will be able to keep $_________ in income and qualify for Texas Title 19 Medicaid.
  5. My loved one will be able to keep $_________ in assets and qualify for Texas Title 19 Medicaid.
  6. My loved one will qualify for Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits as of ________.
  7. There is a gap of $_________ in nursing home bills that Texas Medicaid will not cover.
  8. The Department of Aging and Disability Services will not impose a penalty period against my loved one based on the previous 5 years of records.
  9. My loved one’s spouse will be able to keep $_________ in income and assets to maintain his or her standard of living.
  10. My family has taken the proper steps to protect as many assets as possible.

Families facing a Texas nursing home situation are always in a difficult position. Uncertainty suddenly surrounds a family that was previously in control of their health and financial destiny. The first step to restoring stability and reducing anxiety is understanding how a nursing home stay will impact a spouse at home as well as the family’s life savings.

A Texas Medicaid Protection Plan can answer these questions for you and your family as well as give you a plan for the road ahead. Speak with a Texas Medicaid Attorney today to begin yours today. Do not stay at the mercy of the nursing home and government agencies. Get answers to your questions today and take back control of your situation.

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  1. My mother is single, she is a healthy 86 and lives by herself. Her house is valued at $50,000, her bank account has $10,000 (she is saving this for funeral). Her income is $1400. each month. We were thinking of her gifting me the house. She may never need a nursing home, but we need to be prepared.

  2. Gifting the house outright would create a nursing home Medicaid eligibility penalty of 233 days using a $50,000 house value. There may be other ways to protect the home without creating such a long penalty.

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