Nursing Home Medicaid for 2013

*This post was for 2013*. Here are the current nursing home Medicaid asset and income limits.

Certain numbers used to determine eligibility for Texas nursing home Medicaid benefits are subject to change every January 1st. For 2013 there was an increase in the monthly income limit and no change in the resource limit applied to a Medicaid applicant. For married Texas Medicaid applicants, there was also a minor increase in the minimum and maximum Community Spousal Protected Resource Amounts. The current figures are listed below.

  • Income Limit for an Individual:$2,130/month
  • Income Limit for a Couple: $4,260/month
  • Resource Limit for an Individual: $2,000
  • Resource Limit for a Couple: $3,000
  • Home equity is limited to $536,000
  • Minimum Community Spousal Protected Amount: $23,184
  • Maximum Community Spousal Protected Resource Amount: $115,920
What About Your Home?

An experienced Woodlands Medicaid Attorney can help you protect your home, both while you are alive as well as preserve its value for your heirs. For additional information, read about our Texas Medicaid Home Protection program.

How Does this Impact Your Family?

If your loved one’s income or assets exceed the values listed above do not give up. I can help you establish Medicaid eligibility through proven techniques while protecting everything your family is entitled to protect. Act now to secure Medicaid eligibility and eliminate the uncertainty and restless nights wondering who will pay the nursing home costs of more than $150 every day (or $4,500+ every month). Remember, only you can protect your rights and property. Call The Shea Law Firm at (832) 592-7913 to get started today.

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