Protect Your Home from Medicaid & Nursing Home Costs

Do nothing and your home is at risk. You can eliminate this risk today.

The Medicaid Home Protection Solution

You Don’t Have to Lose the House

Do you feel like it is impossible for your parent to safely and legally protect their home from nursing home costs? Are you worried about the government making a huge Medicaid Estate Recovery claim against their probate estate?The Medicaid Home Protection Solution is what you’ve been looking for. This unique legal service allows your parent to protect their home from the government making reimbursement claims in probate court after they pass away. Created by experienced Texas attorneys, this document is simple and straightforward to implement. Best of all, it can be prepared and filed quickly so you can rest easy knowing your parent’s home is safe.

It’s Not Too Late

This strategy is available to every homeowner that is still mentally competent. Even after they enter a nursing home they can still take advantage of this opportunity as long as they have sufficient mental capacity to legally sign documents.

The difference between success and failure is having a plan.

What You Get

The Medicaid Home Protection Solution helps Texas families protect their homestead from Medicaid Estate Recovery Claims and probate. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but you can be protected from two of the biggest threats of passing a house to beneficiaries.

100% Protection from Medicaid Estate Recovery

Your parent may be able to keep their home and get Medicaid benefits while they are alive, but things change quickly after they pass away. That’s when Texas will file a claim against their probate estate for a Medicaid Estate Recovery claim. Our strategy removes their home from probate and defeats Medicaid Estate Recovery claims.

Avoid Probate Delays and Costs

Most people do not want to go through probate court administration for small estates. For someone on Medicaid they usually have minimal cash and their house. You can avoid the costs and delays of probate court administration at the same time you’re protecting your most valuable asset from Medicaid Estate Recovery.

Feature Asset Protection Without Penalties

Our Medicaid Home Protection Solution delivers rock solid asset protection without the side effect of creating any Medicaid eligibility penalties. This means the 5 year look-back period is not an obstacle. Parents that have already entered nursing homes have successfully taken advantage of this opportunity with no impact on their Medicaid eligibility.

Lifetime Protection for a One Time Fee

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4 day turn-around time from when we receive your information.



2 day turn-around time from when we receive your information.


What to Expect

The Shea Law Firm provides you with a one stop solution for protecting your home. You will have one point of contact that will work directly with you through completion. We answer your questions. We return your calls. We get the job done for you.

  • 96 Hour Turnaround Time, 48 Hours available if needed. 
  • Custom Solutions for Your Needs.
  • All Work Completed by a Licensed Attorney in Texas.
  • Professional Support.

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I’m Richard Shea

I’ve been a lawyer for over 20 years and have dedicated my career to helping families protect their life savings from nursing home costs. I’ve successfully protected over $1 million in assets for families, and I’m based in The Woodlands, Texas. I represent families throughout all of Texas, from Houston to Del Rio, and I provide personalized attention to every client.


Can You Defeat The The Government’s Claim?

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