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  1. How you doing Mr. Shea;my mother is 75 she only receives social security 1200 a month.She has a home valued at 30,000 to 40,000 or less.She has under 8000 in savings account.She does not have any other assets. She might need a nursing facility in the future. Would she qualify for the nursing home under these circumstanes.If she entered a nursing home and became deceased would they take her property(estate).

  2. Hi Raul – It looks like she is under the Medicaid income limit so she is good there.

    The asset limit for an unmarried person is $2,000 but anything around $10,000 can usually be fixed in 1 month or less.

    The house is likely subject to estate recovery after she passes away if you don’t put a plan in place for it now while you can. I can help her with that.

    And last but not least, if she made any gifts or transfers in the last 5 years (including unexplained cash withdrawals) that can result in a Medicaid penalty that changes everything.

    Feel free to contact me for details.

  3. My mom just entered into a nursing home she has Medicaid and Medicare can I sell her home using a special warranty deed. How could that effect me.

  4. Hello. I can’t say for sure without additional information, but if she already has nursing home Medicaid her home was likely exempt during the application process. If you sell the home after she gets Medicaid you are converting the exempt home into non-exempt cash which will have to be addressed to minimize the impact on her continued Medicaid eligibility.

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