Protect $100k or More


30 Days

The Complete Solution

Your Complete Medicaid Asset Protection Solution


Gathering the documentation for a nursing home Medicaid case can be daunting. We help and guide you 1 on 1.

Protect $100k or More in 30 Days

We provide a path to execute protection of your home, retirement accounts, and liquid assets in 30 days.

Accelerated Eligibility Scenarios

We don’t wait 5 years and we don’t wait for spend-downs. We end your spend-down to accelerate Medicaid eligibility.

Medicaid Application & Audit

We prepare and file the Medicaid Application for you. We handle all HHSC inquiries for you.

Keeping Medicaid Next Year

We prepare and file all annual renewals and change reports for your case at no additional cost to you.

Avoiding Medicaid Estate Recovery

We protect your assets from MERP. We also file documentation to end the MERP claim at no additional cost.

How Are You Going to Pay the Next Nursing Home Bill?


Medicare coverage for nursing home expenses is great…for up to 20 days. After that you are looking at a co-pay of over $160/day with Medicare (and that doesn’t last longer than 100 days anyway).

Your Life Savings
You can use your life savings. But ask yourself this: while you were working hard the last 40+ years and paying your taxes did you do it to pay a nursing home administrator’s bloated salary or was it to leave something for your family?
Sell Your House

You can sell your house, but that is only going to buy you a little time. What happens when that money runs out? What happens to your spouse who needs a place to live?

Medicaid Pays What Medicare Doesn’t

  • Medicaid pays for room and board at the nursing home.
  • Medicaid covers co-payments for doctors and prescriptions.
  • Medicaid ends the nursing home bills forever.

Medicaid Can Save Your House & Life Savings

  1. 1The earlier you get Medicaid the more you can save and protect.
  2. 2Married couples do not need to be broke to get Medicaid.
  3. 3Medicaid can protect your home for your family.

Can Anyone Get Medicaid?

  • You do have to meet certain medical requirements.
  • There are very strict financial eligibility criteria.
  • Mistakes by inexperienced family members, unlicensed ‘planners’, nursing home staff, and the HHSC lead to many of the denials.

What Will a Medicaid Mistake Cost You?

  • On average 2+ months of nursing home bills (~$14,000).
  • The Business Office Manager calling you to collect.
  • Potential litigation and eviction from the nursing home.
  • Anxiety and sleepless nights.

And Now Some Words From Our Clients

Richard Shea is a knowledgeable, patient and reliable attorney. My husband’s Parkinsons reached the point where he needed to be in a nursing home. When it became necessary to apply for Medicaid, Richard guided me through the process with all its mazes and thorny points. He helped to cut my husband’s nursing home and medical expenses to under $100 per month while saving us the $4,000-$5,000 it would have cost without Medicaid. I was also able to preserve over $30,000 when Rich helped to protect my unprotected cash. What impresses me the most about Rich is how accessible he is. Whenever I had a question or was pondering which course of action to take, a quick text or e-mail was all it took. He always answered promptly and with sound advice. It didn’t matter how small or seemingly unimportant the question, he replied without making me feel foolish. He made me feel like we were a team working together for the best outcome. I highly recommend the Shea Law Firm.

Joan B.

My wife and I hired Rich when Medicaid refused to cover my mother’s expenses. My mother clearly qualified, but Medicaid did everything they could to avoid fulfilling their obligations. Rich agreed to meet with us right away. He developed a plan for success and was always prompt and courteous. He also “spoke” the Medicaid and VA language and helped us make sense of the HHSC correspondences. We were forced to go to hearing, but Rich was with us every step of the way, always well-prepared and willing to fight the system. We prevailed on every issue. I estimate that we saved about $12K in inappropriate Medicaid charges. We checked around and Rich’s fees are more than competitive. Don’t be pushed around – hire Rich!

Bob B.

I knew we needed assistance for future care of my mother and I was hearing information from so many sources. I found Richard Shea online, read the bio of what services he provides and bingo, dialed the phone. That was a good day for our family. With five grown adults in multiple states we needed one source of legal advise. We needed to apply for Medicaid for my mother and make sure our sibling with disabilities was protected. Mr. Shea helped us sort out years of banking/annuities and paperwork. The monthly care of our mother went from $8,525.00 to $1,394.56. We protected a bit of money for my sister for future care. Within a few months we went from panic on how to proceed to breathing a huge sigh of relief. My mother is getting great care she can afford and it would not of happened without Richard Shea. I highly recommend his services, his calm personality is a huge plus. Thanks, Richard.

Dale R.

I Get You Nursing Home Medicaid So You Have Peace of Mind

  • I consistently win against the HHSC. I handle your entire case through appeal as a licensed Texas attorney.
  • I know what works and what doesn’t.
  • I have over 20 years of Medicaid experience.
  • I protect assets from $100k – $1 million per case.

About The Shea Law Firm

Hi, and welcome to The Shea Law Firm. If you want to end those outrageously expensive nursing home bills and protect your life savings then you came to the right place.

Here is a little about me:

1  – I move fast. Expect to have your asset protection plan in 14 days or less and your Medicaid case in the pipeline.

2 – I protect as much assets as we legally can. If you want something illegal, then keep looking because I can’t help you.

3 – I personally represent you through the whole process. You won’t be dumped off to a junior associate or paralegal.

Some of Our Cases

Nursing Home Bill Cut to $81/Month

A $120,000 Spend-Down Avoided

$99,000 in Assets Protected

Married Couple Keeps $70,000+

How The Shea Law Firm Can Help You

Eligibility Problems

Most people are NOT eligible when they first enter a nursing home. I can show you how to create eligibility NOW and avoid the spend-down.

Protect Assets

Worried about the lookback period? Forget about the lookback period. We can still protect a lot of assets even after entering a nursing home. 

Protect Spouses

Every $5k nursing home bill you pay is another $5k you could have saved. I protect maximum assets and income for a healthy spouse at home.

Nursing Home Issues

Need help finding a nursing home in the greater Houston area? Or are you not sure what to look out for during the admissions process?