Texas Miller Trust

a/k/a Qualified Income Trust

Accepted By the HHSC - 100% Guaranteed

Win Your Medicaid Case

Has somebody told you that your parent or spouse has too much income to qualify for nursing home Medicaid?

Do you want to put an end to those expensive nursing home bills?

My Miller Trust can take your parent or spouse who is over the Medicaid monthly income limit of $2,205 and bring them under the Medicaid eligibility limit in about a week (as long as you haven't spent their income for this month).

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What To Expect

You can't afford mistakes when applying for Medicaid so here is what you get:

1. My personal 100% guarantee the HHSC will accept my Trust;

2. I personally walk you through the entire Trust setup and administration process step by step;

3. Free lifetime support for Trust issues.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I've hired a couple of other lawyers before and never received the response I received from Mr. Shea. He always kept me informed, emailed me right back or called and explained what was going on. I highly recommend his law firm and him. He was able to get my dad approved and believe you me, it was not an easy take but he stayed at it and was able to get him approved.

I had fought for Medicaid 1-2 years and was denied every time. I think it was 9 times. When I just had another attorney draw up a QIT or Miller Trust I did not know how to work it. I also live near Dallas and not Houston...Every time I had a question I either emailed or called. Mr. Shea was very kind and prompt and answered every question I had. He actually got my mom her Medicaid yesterday.

I could not have been happier with the Shea Law Firm. Rich Shea helped me obtain nursing home Medicaid for my dad, which I thought was going to be impossible. He was helpful and professional, always answering my questions quickly and thoroughly. I found this firm through a Google search and am not from Texas, so I was concerned about how this would work. However, Rich provided everything that was needed and took a huge burden off of my shoulders. He genuinely cared about how we were doing.

$850 One Time Fee

Delivered in 48 Hours

Order Your Texas Miller Trust

Attorney Richard L. Shea

My Guarantee To You

I fully guarantee my Miller Trusts for my clients. The Texas HHSC has approved my version in at least 75 separate cases. If the HHSC does not accept the Qualified Income Trust you get from me, then I will defend the trust for you at no additional charge. I stand behind my work. The only "catch" is you must follow my instructions and advice.

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