You Have Your Miller Trust Form…Now What?

Everyday people like you choose to have their Texas Miller Trust (or Qualified Income Trust) prepared by me rather than trying to get by with some generic form that may or may not be a valid Miller Trust. Why? Part of the reason is the low cost of having the legal work performed and guaranteed by an experienced Texas Medicaid Attorney is a fraction of the cost of making a mistake that results in your loved one being denied Medicaid nursing home benefits for 1 or more months. But let’s talk about someone who gets their Miller Trust from someone other than a Texas Medicaid Attorney. They receive a document which may or may not have blank lines to be filled in and which has to be signed, then what? Your work isn’t over once you get the Miller Trust created, it is really just beginning.

Creating the trust and getting everything setup is the starting point. In order for the Miller Trust to perform its function of establishing income eligibility for your loved one it must not only contain all the provisions required by the Texas Health & Human Services Commission but it must also be administered correctly in terms of the deposits and withdrawals from the trust every month. A simple mistake in any month, even an innocent one, can result in one or more months of Medicaid ineligibility and be very costly. Fortunately, the families that work with me are not left to wonder or guess what they need to do in order to properly administer their Miller Trust. I provide every client with a detailed instruction letter to help answer many common questions and provide step by step instructions. If something still isn’t clear, I include lifetime telephone support with every Texas Miller Trust at no additional cost.

Put the power of the over 10 years experience I have helping families stop paying out of control nursing home bills by qualifying for Medicaid benefits to work for you. Simply fill out the contact form to the right of the screen or give me a call at (832) 592-7913 if you need a Texas Miller Trust or help qualifying your loved one for Texas Medicaid benefits. Every month you wait to establish Medicaid eligibility is another month’s worth of bills you won’t be able to get back.

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