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“There Is Only ONE Surefire WayTo Guarantee The Best Outcome”

Hi, my name is Rich. I am the owner here at The Shea Law Firm. In my 17 years of handling cases like yours, I know that there is only one surefire way to guarantee the best possible outcome for you – and that is to act quickly. The faster you take action, the better off you will be.

Keep reading if you want to know what kind of results are possible.

Why Is There Only One Way?

Because once you owe a nursing home bill, that money is gone forever. You can’t get it back. I can’t get it back. Nobody can get it back. That’s why I have made the next step very simple. Call me for free at (832) 592-7913 so that we can tell you exactly what to do next.

What About The Lookback Period?

When you know what you’re doing, the look-back period is nothing to fear. For married couples it is no obstacle with what I do. For unmarried individuals we can still achieve substantial results even after entering a nursing home. Check out the results below.

Attorney Richard L. Shea

My Guarantee To You

When you hire The Shea Law Firm you get peace of mind as well as results. That’s why I do not charge any additional legal fees for an appeal if the HHSC denies or changes the eligibility date from what I promise you. No additional legal fees at all.

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The Quickest & Easiest Way To Save Your Life Savings

Go to sleep tonight knowing that everything has finally been taken care of.

Give me a call at (832) 592-7913 and stop worrying.

​​​​​OK, What About The Results?

I’m glad you asked. A lot of people can talk, but who can deliver for you?

Father Avoids $120k Spend-down 

Let’s begin with the case where a father was staring down a $120,000 spend-down. He was smart enough to call me and we protected over 2/3 of the money he was going to lose. That is instant savings right there. We did all this after he was already in a facility and was within the 5 year look-back period. Read the whole story.

$71k Married Asset Protection

And then there was that time I helped a nice guy get nursing home Medicaid for his wife while avoiding a huge spend-down. I showed him how to keep $71,000 and also save $3,600 per month in medical bills. And she was also already in a nursing home when he first contacted me. Read the whole story.

$85k Married Asset Protection

Or, how about that time I helped a married couple keep $85,000 while winning the husband’s approval for Medicaid? Same as above, we achieved this in the look-back period when he was already in a facility. Read the whole story.

Mother Gets $99k Asset Protection

Did you already check out the time I showed an un-married nursing home Medicaid applicant how to protect $99,000 from the Medicaid spend-down? She was losing $2,700 a month to nursing home bills before she came to me. And yes, we achieved this in the look-back period when she was already in a facility. Read the whole story.

I can go on, but I think you see where I’m going with this.

What Assets Can We Protect?


  • Checking accounts;
  • Savings accounts;
  • CD’s.


  • Stocks & Bonds;
  • Annuities (sometimes);
  • Retirement accounts.


  • Extra vehicles;
  • Mineral rights;
  • Previous gifts.

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They Say I Shouldn’t Do This

Every insanely expensive expert I talk to says I should not do what I’m about to do right here.

They think your only choice should be to call me or fill out the form.

That’s a hard sell and I don’t believe in that. I want you to have more information rather than less.

Protecting assets from nursing home bills and getting Medicaid is a huge deal, and if you’re like me then you are going to do a lot of research about the issues and the person you hire. I’ve written over 100 articles on here covering a whole lot of topics. Please, take a look around and find out more about what we can do.


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