A Texas Estate Plan that works for you… and your family.

Does your estate plan only distribute property after you pass away and maybe reduce potential estate taxes? Many people think an estate plan’s only purpose is to reduce estate taxes and distribute property after you pass away.

Times have changed in Texas.

Out of control nursing home bills in Texas have made long term care one of the top threats to your life savings before you even have the chance to leave any legacy to your family. Texas nursing home bills can wipe out your life savings while you or your spouse is still alive and trying to survive on a fixed income.

Keep reading if you want the kind of protection that a simple Will or Revocable Trust cannot provide.

There is virtually no “automatic” protection before Texas nursing home bills (currently averaging from $50,000 to nearly $70,000 every year) start to wipe out your life savings one month at a time. Waiting until the last minute leaves you with the least protection available which is no protection in many cases. There are asset protection strategies available that many people choose to take advantage of before they need a Texas nursing home or Texas Medicaid benefits. These proven strategies have helped families protect anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million.

A qualified Texas Medicaid attorney can provide you with an asset protection plan designed to protect your life savings from Texas nursing home bills. This protection can help your spouse survive if you need nursing home care and can make sure your life savings stays in your family and is not lost to Texas nursing home bills. Call (832) 856-4526 to get started protecting your life savings today.