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I doubt you came here by accident and I bet your are worried, frustrated, and scared about what the future may hold for your loved one who needs nursing home care. Some of the thoughts racing through your mind late at night may include:

  1. Where can my loved one get the best care?
  2. Will they lose everything they have worked for their entire life?
  3. Will their spouse be left with nothing?
  4. What are our responsibilities and potential liabilities for nursing home bills?
  5. If there anyone that can help us?

You are not alone. Many families have stood in the same situation you are in now and have gotten the legal help they needed so they can focus on their loved one’s well being.

The decision to move a spouse or loved one into a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. Perhaps the move is being made because your spouse or loved one can no longer care for him or herself…or perhaps the person has a progressive disease like Alzheimer’s…or has had a stroke or heart attack.

No matter the reason, the family is almost always under great stress. I can help you, and I can guide you through the legal maze of eligibility and asset protection you are about to enter.

Are you ready?

Please look around this site to learn about Texas Medicaid. Legal services are available from The Shea Law Firm where we can review your situation, your goals, and your options. I take pride in handling each case myself to assure the job is done right and I represent my clients personally in Medicaid hearings and appeals. Clients of The Shea Law Firm work closely and directly with me, not paralegals or junior associates. Call (832) 592-7913 to get started today.

Thank you for visiting http://TexasTitle19.com. I think that the information I give you here will help you in your quest to pay for costly nursing home care without losing everything. I created this site so that consumers could have good, solid information before hiring an attorney or dealing with the Health and Human Services Commission or the nursing home accounts receivable collectors. I truly believe that you should have this valuable information right now, for free, before you are pressured into reactionary decisions during a time of crisis.

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