2014 Year In Review


2015 is here. Now that 2015 has come we will have some new Medicaid eligibility rules to cover and discuss as well as a bunch of new topics to help your parent or spouse in a Texas nursing home qualify for Medicaid without going broke. But before we jump in to 2015 I would like to express sincere appreciation to all of our visitors who take the time to get educated on the minefield that is Texas nursing home Medicaid eligibility so they don’t end up being one of the horror stories I too often run into. As we close out 2014, let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular posts on TexasTitle19.com from the past year.

  1. 2014 Medicaid Income Changes – One of the key criteria for nursing home Medicaid eligibility is being within the income limit. We will have an updated post on the 2015 income limit shortly.
  2. 2014 Medicaid Asset Changes – In addition to income eligibility, the Medicaid applicant’s assets have to be within certain asset limits. For un-married individuals this is the same in 2015, but there are some changes that might affect married couples in 2015. We will have an updated post on the 2015 Medicaid asset rules shortly.
  3. When Is Your Miller Trust Deadline? – Timing is everything with Medicaid eligibility and if the Medicaid applicant is over the income limit then you will want to make sure they have their Miller Trust setup and functioning to coincide with the target Medicaid eligibility month.
  4. Nursing Home Sues Resident’s Daughter For $15k – Medicaid mistakes can be costly. Every year more and more nursing homes are exploring suing family members for unpaid nursing home bills when someone makes a mistake with the Medicaid eligibility process. Don’t be caught off guard and don’t expose yourself to being sues.
  5. Medicaid Assets and Debts – How do debts like credit cards and loans interact with a person’s assets for Medicaid eligibility? Find out here.
  6. The Not So Hidden House Gift – It may sound like a good idea, but attempts to hide a transfer by “buying low” almost never work because of how the Medicaid rules evaluate transfers for less than fair value.
  7. Is Medicaid Asset Protection Legal? – Asset protection is important and it is also important that it works as intended. Legal asset protection works because the law provides for it, illegal asset protection that is attempted to be hidden can create a disaster.
  8. First Steps After Entering a Nursing Home – The clock starts ticking once a person enters a nursing home. Find out the steps you should be working on if your loved one has already entered, or is expected to enter, a nursing home.
  9. How a Medicaid Penalty Works – Medicaid penalties are not fines that you can ignore. A Medicaid penalty is a period of ineligibility where the government will not cover the cost of care. If the government will not pay it and the Medicaid applicant has no money, who will pay the nursing home? Don’t underestimate the severity of a Medicaid penalty and speak with a Medicaid attorney about how to minimize the damage from a Medicaid penalty.
  10. Can You Qualify for Medicaid Next Month? – With the right strategy and enough time I can help many families qualify for nursing home Medicaid in the next calendar month. If you are tired of endless nursing home bills wiping out your loved one’s life savings then see what I can do for you.

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