Time to End Park Manor Nursing Home Bills?

The Choice You Face With a Loved One in Park Manor​

Do Nothing

You can do nothing and watch your parent or spouse’s life savings be turned over to the nursing home’s business office at the rate of $5,000+ every month.

Take Action

Or, you can find out what the business office manager doesn’t want you to know. You DO NOT have to keep paying them until you are broke (in most cases).

Joan Bey


What impresses me the most about Rich is how accessible he is. Whenever I had a question or was pondering which course of action to take, a quick text or e-mail was all it took. He always answered promptly and with sound advice. It didn’t matter how small or seemingly unimportant the question, he replied without making me feel foolish. He made me feel like we were a team working together for the best outcome. I highly recommend the Shea Law Firm.

Did They Promise You Medicaid Pending?

A lot of people hear “medicaid pending” and think that means they automatically won’t end up with a nursing home bill from Park Manor for $5,000, $10,000 or more. Well, if they gave you that impression then they left out some critical details you need to know right now, before you get too deep in the hole with them.

“Medicaid Pending” guarantees nothing, it is a guess. If they made a mistake by commission or omission in evaluating your eligibility then you still get stuck with the bill for the months that Medicaid is denied. If you thought they would bear the cost for their mistake, think again, they are a corporation.

This is what I refer to as the surprise nursing home bill that too many people don’t see coming.

What You’ll Get During This Nursing Home Medicaid Free Strategy Call

Before the Call

To get the most from your free call, gather the income, asset, and debt information for the nursing home resident and his or her spouse. This includes everything in either of their names, even if it is “separate property”.

During the Call

During your free call we will review the current Medicaid eligibility status of the nursing home resident and discuss if there are steps we can take to accelerate Medicaid eligibility without losing everything to a nursing home spend-down.

After the Call

After the call you will know your options. You can then decide if you want to spend everything on the nursing home bills or if we have presented a better alternative. 

About The Shea Law Firm

The Shea Law Firm ends nursing home bills for you and your family, period. If you are not currently eligible for nursing home Medicaid, we show you the way to get there with the smallest or even no spend-down.

Why They Recommend Ending Park Manor Nursing Home Bills

Joan B.


He helped to cut my husband’s nursing home and medical expenses to under $100 per month while saving us the $4000-$5000 it would have cost without Medicaid. I was also able to preserve over $30,000 when Rich helped to restructure my unprotected cash

Ree-C M.


Richard reviewed everything carefully…. He answered questions timely… He worked as a partner with our family.

Greg C.


He was excellent and sorted through financial issues and government programs. We were also able to achieve this without invoking any spend down by my father in law’s spouse.. In addition, we slashed monthly nursing home cost from over $5,500 every month down to $0.00 out of pocket. Shea Law will fight to have your family receive Medicare and Medicaid Benefits…

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s End Park Manor Bills Now!