Are You The Responsible Party?

Before you sign that nursing home admissions contract you may want to review it carefully. There is a growing trend in the nursing home industry to include”responsible party” provisions which have the potential for some surprising consequences.

What is a “Responsible Party?”
At first glance it may sound like the primary family contact in the event the nursing home needs to contact someone. However, in reality many nursing homes are defining “responsible party” to include personal financial responsibility for the resident’s nursing home costs. Depending on the language used in those provisions you may be voluntarily giving them the right to come after you for payment of nursing home bills. By the way, those bills average around $5,000 per month.

How To Avoid It
You may be surprised, but it is actually illegal for a Houston nursing home or a nursing home anywhere in Texas to require a family member to take on personal financial responsibility in order to admin a loved one to a nursing home. However, if you take on that liability voluntarily then you no longer have the protection of the law. You are only protected if they required you to assume personal financial responsibility.

Know What You Are Signing
Do not be a victim of these predatory practices by signing the admissions contract without reading it. If you are not sure about any provisions of the contract contact us and we can review it.

If you would like more information on Texas Medicaid and how to pay for the nursing home without going broke and losing everything, contact us at 832-426-3913.

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