Find a Montgomery County Medicaid Nursing Home in 2017

If you need to find a nursing home in The Woodlands or anywhere in Montgomery County there is good news and bad news. The good news is it might not take too long because there are less than 10. The bad news is there are less than 10 so you don’t have many options.

Why A Montgomery County Medicaid Nursing Home

Nursing homes are expensive. In Texas they cost on average $5,000 a month. If you’re like most people, you might be able to afford that for a few months at best. If an extended stay is involved, you may quickly find yourself out of money to pay the next nursing home bill.

Medicaid fills in the gap for people that cannot afford the outrageous nursing home bills.

After you find a nursing home, it is generally the best time to meet with an experienced nursing home attorney. I can review your asset protection options while finding ways to pay for this big new expense.

About The Admissions Process

There are a couple points about getting into a nursing home that you need to know.

First, they don’t have to accept your loved one. And even if they do, there could easily be a waiting list.

Second, most nursing homes are not medicaid pending and will require payment for at least 1 or more months as a condition of admission.

Third, the transition from private pay to Medicaid is not automatic and I’ve seen enough horror stories to know I wouldn’t trust the nursing home to handle such a critical task. You have to prove your eligibility, not the other way around.

The Medicaid program is here to help your family pay for the care your loved one needs and I can help you navigate that maze successfully. If you make a mistake when it comes to Medicaid eligibility the most common result is one or more months of unpaid nursing home bills which can lead to the nursing home evicting your parent when nobody has any money to pay them. And if you make a big mistake with a gift or transfer the cost could be years, not months. Don’t let that happen to your family.

A Lot At Stake For Married Couples

And if the nursing home resident is married, it is even more important that an experienced Medicaid attorney is involved before the person is admitted into the nursing home. This is because of the Medicaid asset snapshot rules for married couples.

The 2017 Montgomery County Nursing Home List

Click on the following to see the updated for 2017 list.

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