2013 Nursing Home Costs Up 9%

The Texas HHSC recently completed their annual review of nursing home costs in Texas. The new daily rate they found is $156.34. The previous daily rate was $142.92. It is deja vu all over again because this is an increase of over 9% in one year just as it was with the previous revision.

For one year, the average nursing home costs in Texas now exceeds $57,000! How long can your family afford to keep up at that rate? If you have a family member or spouse already in a nursing home it is more important than ever to review your situation with an experienced Woodlands Medicaid attorney that can help you pay for the nursing home without going broke. Not taking advantage of this opportunity can cost you $57,000 or more, every year.

The average nursing home costs is also used to calculate how long a Medicaid penalty will last for any gifts or other transactions subject to penalties. For every $156.34 a Medicaid applicant gives away or transfers inappropriately they will be ineligible for Medicaid for one day.

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