Would You Spot An HHSC Mistake?

mistakeOur pal Homer is back to talk about more mistakes and Medicaid. Mistakes are a very big deal in Medicaid because they can cost you a lot of money and my goal is to save you a lot of money. And one of the challenges of mistakes from the HHSC is being able to identify their mistake in the first place. After all, if you don’t know all of the regulations and policies that apply in your case you might have a hard time knowing if the caseworker applied them correctly.

There are lots and lots of rules and regulations the HHSC caseworker has to apply¬†to your parent or spouse’s application for Texas nursing home Medicaid. The result of the HHSC caseworker applying these rules to your parent or spouse’s application is going to determine whether their application is approved or not. In many cases the caseworker gets it right, but once in a while they do get it wrong. If the HHSC caseworker makes a mistake on your parent or spouse’s nursing home Medicaid application and you do not spot it and fix it before key deadlines pass, then their mistake may have just cost you another month or two of nursing home bills (around $10,000, which they are not going to pay by the way).

One example that is more common than it should be involves the HHSC determination of resources the Medicaid applicant has for eligibility purposes. This is a critical ruling because if your parent or loved one is over the asset limit as of the asset snapshot then they lose nursing home benefits for the entire month. Too often I have seen cases where the caseworker incorrectly calculated the Medicaid applicant’s assets and was prepared to deny them for a whole month which would have cost the family over $5,000.

Who is protecting you from those mistakes?

Fortunately the families that work with me for their parent or spouse’s nursing home Medicaid eligibility have me to identify these mistakes by the caseworker and get them corrected so they don’t end up going broke paying nursing home bills. Contact me today to get started qualifying your loved one for nursing home Medicaid and protecting their assets from avoidable nursing home bills. As you can see from my examples, you can protect assets even within the 5 year lookback period if you have the correct and 100% legal strategy.

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