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Hi, I'm Rich Shea. I'm a Medicaid attorney and owner of The Shea Law Firm in The Woodlands, TX. I started this site several years ago to help fight the misinformation that you might come across when you are confronted with a nursing home situation. You deserve the best information and advice from an experienced professional working for you, not for someone else. So take a look around and if you need more help or have a suggestion for a future topic feel free to contact me.

My mission is to get your parent Medicaid as soon as possible and protect as many assets as legally possible.

Here Is What ​I Can Answer

​Your parent just entered a nursing home. Or maybe they have just been hospitalized and it looks like they are going to need to enter a nursing home very soon. You are probably asking yourself questions like these:

  • How much is the nursing home going to cost?
  • What if my parent can't afford the cost of a nursing home?
  • Is the nursing home going to bankrupt my other parent?
  • Is there still time to protect their life savings and everything they worked for from being destroyed?
  • How can I get my parent or loved one the nursing home Medicaid benefits they need without making costly mistakes?

You may be a spouse, child, extended family, or friend looking to help someone in a nursing home situation. But if you've asked yourself any of those questions...

... then you're in the right place.

Here's How I Can Help You With Nursing Homes

When a loved one enters a nursing home you have to deal with some huge issues. Those issues are creating nursing home Medicaid eligibility, protecting what assets you legally can, and then getting through the 60-90 day nursing home Medicaid application process without making a mistake that sends you back to the beginning with un-paid nursing home bills and facing possible eviction.

There is usually a huge difference in experiences and results between a family that had a smooth nursing home Medicaid eligibility process and a family that stumbled their way through it without any expert help. The families that got help usually say things like this: 

Rich provided everything that was needed and took a huge burden off of my shoulders. He genuinely cared about how we were doing. I'm very appreciative of not only the successful conclusion of the case, but how much he went above and beyond to answer my questions and be a true resource and adviser.

Colleen D 

The families that do not get help often face an anxiety filled 2-3 months that includes:

  • uncertainty on a daily basis about if they will win their case, and
  • confusion about how to line everything up so Medicaid benefits begin when they need them to begin, and
  • fear that a careless mistake is going to cost them or their parent a huge sum of money.

Get Professional Help

If you have had enough of the restless nights and want to take advantage of the opportunity to bring some certainty to your family, then hit the button below to speak with a Medicaid lawyer.

Just Researching?

If you are here for research purposes, I commend you on doing your homework before jumping into anything. I have over 100 posts on here discussing many, many items and issues covering nursing homes and Medicaid issues. If you are not sure where to begin, then I recommend starting with the topics and pages highlighted below to get a big picture overview.

Medicaid Eligibility

Nursing home Medicaid eligibility usually does not happen overnight. There are a bunch of criteria you have to prove to the HHSC. Many of the people that come to me are not Medicaid eligible when we begin, but with my guidance and representation I get them on the path to nursing home Medicaid eligibility sooner rather than later.

Asset Protection

Your parent, spouse, or loved one does not have to lose their life savings in order to qualify for Texas nursing home Medicaid. That is a myth unless they do not have a power of attorney with specific Medicaid asset protection powers (if you aren't sure I can review yours or prepare a correct one). I've had asset protection results range from $15,000 - $900,000. Find out what I can do for you.

The Application Process

The nursing home Medicaid application process is not very quick, and it is a minefield for the inexperienced. On this site you will find some free information about mistakes I see other people make so you can hopefully avoid them. If you want professional assistance, I have been doing this for over 15 years and can guide you through the entire 60-90 day process step by step.