How Long Will You Have To Pay The Nursing Home Bill?

Sometimes a loved one enters a nursing home as the result of the gradual progression of an illness such as Alzheimer’s. Sometimes a loved one needs nursing home care unexpectedly and everyone is caught by surprise and quickly finds themselves in a overwhelming situation. In either case, one of the vital questions you need to ask and prepare for is how long will your family have to pay the nursing home bill before your loved begins receiving Texas Medicaid benefits?

We’ve discussed specific eligibility issues such as assets and income in other articles. Today we are only looking at the timelines involved when a person meets the eligibility criteria for Texas Medicaid.

You may find yourself in the following situation:

  1. Your loved one enters a nursing home on a random day of the month, let’s say October 10th.
  2. Medicare covers the first 20 days but it becomes clear an extended nursing home stay is needed.
  3. You consult with a Texas Medicaid Attorney on November 1st who prepares and files your Medicaid application on November 15th.
  4. The application is approved December 10th.
  5. When do Medicaid benefits begin?

Your loved one can be covered as of October 1st if all of the other criteria were satisfied as of October 1st, namely asset and resource eligibility.

If your loved one did not meet all of the eligibility criteria as of October 1st (which is common in cases where the nursing home admission is unexpected) your family may have to pay the nursing home bill until Medicaid eligibility is created which could be November 1st or December 1st in the above example. Exactly which date it is depends on how quickly you create Medicaid eligibility with the advice of a Texas Medicaid Attorney.

The important thing to remember about asset and income eligibility for Texas Medicaid is that it is only examined at the first moment of the month. By rule, if your loved one has too many assets or too much income as of that first moment of the month they are ineligible for Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits for the entire month and you will have to deal with an uncovered nursing home bill.

Create Medicaid Eligibility As Soon As Possible

In the above example the family began to work with a Texas Medicaid Attorney on November 1st. By that time it was already too late for the attorney to fix any eligibility issues to establish a benefits date of November 1st. The next earliest potential benefits date is December 1st, leaving the family to pick up the bill until then. If the family in the above example began to work with an attorney while there was still enough time in October, they may have been able to obtain a benefits date of November 1st. is your connection to an experienced Houston Medicaid Attorney who can help you find the right nursing home, get the best care, and pay for it all without going broke. We are currently focused on Harris and Montgomery Counties, including the areas of Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Humble, and Katy. We also provide consulting services and Miller Trust services throughout all of Texas.

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