Medicaid Mythbusters

The Medicaid nursing home benefits program causes a lot of confusion. Part of why I publish this website is to get accurate information out there into your hands so you don’t make a decision based on rumors, stories, and other inaccurate sources of information. There are a lot of popular misconceptions about eligibility for Texas Medicaid. Let’s take a look at some of them.


You can make small or large gifts to family members within five years of applying for benefits and still qualify for Medicaid benefits without penalties.


There is no annual limit you can give to family members that will not create a penalty for Medicaid eligibility. Any gift can create a penalty. The confusion that sparked this myth is the annual gift tax exclusion which only applies to gift taxes and has no impact on Medicaid.


Your parent will lose everything before he or she can receive Medicaid benefits.


Potential Medicaid applicants do have some flexibility in making the most of their assets before qualifying for nursing home benefits. Married applicants can usually protect a sizable amount of assets for their spouse, and unmarried applicants can usually get more with their remaining assets than simply paying the nursing home bill until everything is gone.

Do not spend all of your money on nursing home bills. Find out how you can protect yourself and your family with a Texas Medicaid attorney.

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