Don't Fight The Government 

All that stands between you and your goal of getting nursing home Medicaid without going broke is the HHSC. If you make a mistake it can cost you benefits of $5,000 or more. If you make a mistake the HHSC can keep ruling against you. If you make a mistake you can lose everything.


Which Topic Do You Need Info On?

Protect Assets from Nursing Home Bills

A Houston Medicaid lawyer can help put real asset protection within your reach. Visit our nursing home Medicaid asset protection section to get answers to the following:

  • How you can safely and legally protect your assets.
  • How you can protect assets even after entering a nursing home.
  • How the spouse of a nursing home resident can protect large sums of money to preserve their financial independence.
My mission is to get your parent Medicaid as soon as possible and protect as many assets as legally possible. I've been doing this for over 15 years and have protected over $1 million. Don't settle for anything less when you have so much at stake.

Are You Eligible For Nursing Home Medicaid?

Did someone tell you that your parent or spouse is not eligible for nursing home Medicaid? They may be correct, for the moment. But with the help of a Houston Medicaid Attorney your parent or spouse may be eligible as early as next month. Get answers to the following eligibility hurdles:

  • What is the monthly income limit for nursing home Medicaid?
  • What is the asset limit for nursing home Medicaid?
  • How do nursing home Medicaid transfer penalties work?

What Is A Miller Trust (Qualified Income Trust)

There is a gross monthly income limit of $2,205 to get nursing home Medicaid. Many people are over that limit but do not have enough income to pay the nursing home bill which average around $5,000 per month or more. A Miller Trust from a Houston Medicaid lawyer solves this problem.

  • My Miller Trust is 100% guaranteed.
  • I walk you through the process so you avoid the fatal mistakes other people don't warn you about.

Medicaid Nursing Homes

There are many issues involved with Medicaid nursing homes. First you have to find one. Second, you have to get admitted into one properly. Third, you have to arrange for paying them without getting sued for making mistakes. In this section I discuss the following topics:

  1. Finding a nursing home in Houston, Harris, and anywhere in Montgomery County;
  2. ​Why you might not get the full 100 days of Medicare nursing home coverage;
  3. What rights do nursing home residents have?

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