Don’t Let This Nursing Home Medicaid Mistake Cost You $8,000!

Any Medicaid mistake is expensive when you apply for nursing home benefits. This includes errors you don’t even make, but other people make that you don’t fix. All it takes is one problem to cost you thousands of dollars in nursing home benefits. If the mistake lasts more than one month, then the costs can multiply to over $10,000 very easily.

It’s bad enough when it is your mistake, but it is even worse when the HHSC is the cause. That leads to you paying for their mistake unless you have an elder law attorney protecting you.

The HHSC Messes Up

Maybe you have complete confidence in the HHSC to perform their job correctly, but I’ve been dealing with them long enough to know better. They do make Medicaid eligibility mistakes; more than they should. They made a gaffe in a recent case that would have cost a spouse over $8,000. Luckily for that spouse I was around to fix the mistake.

How is that possible?

They make all kinds of errors. In this case the HHSC applied the wrong asset limit formula.

We set a target eligibility date of October 1st. The HHSC came back and said the couple were over the asset limit for October. Since they were over the asset limit the HHSC denied the application for benefits.

The Nursing Home Makes It Worse

The nursing home then tried to give my client horrible legal advice and told them to accept the denial and complete another application form. This is why you don’t take legal advice from nursing home staff. If she did it would have cost her $8,000! That is $8,000 that she could have kept for her going into the nursing home’s pocket. Do you still trust them with your money?

Appeal The $8,000 Medicaid Mistake

I was this woman’s attorney. She hired me to get her husband nursing home benefits and protect her from any Medicaid mistake. I stand with my clients and I knew we had a rock solid case for October 1st eligibility. So rather than roll over and take it, I appealed the ruling. Less than a week later the HHSC accepted the error of their ways and issued the ruling I worked for the entire time.

Another Victory Saves $$$$

We won. I established Medicaid eligibility as of October 1st. My experience in spotting and fixing the HHSC error saved my client over $8,000.

My client is no longer going broke from her husband’s nursing home expenses. She also no longer has to worry about how to pay for nursing home expenses.

This is just another example of the numerous advantages an experienced nursing home Medicaid lawyer can give to your family. Not to mention, the savings we delivered significantly exceeded the fees involved.

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