You Don’t Qualify For Medicaid

By Richard Shea

March 25, 2013

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There is a lot more free advice out there than good advice. I can’t count the number of families that I have helped qualify for Medicaid benefits after they were previously told by someone else that there is no way their loved one will qualify for Medicaid, or that they will have to pay everything to the nursing home before their loved one can qualify for Texas nursing home Medicaid benefits. One thing all of these families have in common is that the person telling them to spend all of their money is not a licensed Texas attorney nor have they ever qualified anybody for Texas nursing home Medicaid benefits. You may also have been told this same free advice, but is it good advice?

If you believe them and do nothing then you make their advice correct. If you are interested in a different result and work with an experienced Medicaid attorney to pursue that result then you may be surprised at how wrong the free advice can be.

A Medicaid applicant with too much income can establish eligibility with a Texas Miller Trust or Texas Qualified Income Trust (QIT). A Medicaid applicant with too many resources can take advantage of my experience and explore asset protection and maximization opportunities that do not involve spending everything on nursing home bills. A Medicaid applicant that is married can achieve almost 100% asset protection with the proper strategy in many cases.

With the right plan it is very common for someone who may not currently be financially eligible for Medicaid to establish financial eligibility in as little as one month or a little longer if significant asset protection is involved. The big difference between hiring me and not hiring me is that when I work with a family the family protects assets first and pays the nursing home last. As long as you keep paying those endless nursing home bills you are paying the nursing home first and if you’re lucky you might be able to save a little for your loved one’s use.

Act now to secure Medicaid eligibility and eliminate the uncertainty and restless nights wondering who will pay the nursing home costs of more than $150 every day (or $4,500+ every month). Remember, only you can help your loved one protect their rights and property. Call The Shea Law Firm at (832) 592-7913 to get started today.

Richard Shea

About the author

I am a Texas licensed attorney with over 15 years of experience helping families qualify for nursing home Medicaid and protect their assets from devastating nursing home bills. I have protected over $1 million for my clients, let's see what I can do for you.

I write everything on this site so if you have a question or comment feel free to send me a message through here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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