The Stimulus Check and Your Medicaid Eligibility

By Richard Shea

May 8, 2009

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In order to continue receiving Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits, the person receiving assistance must maintain income eligibility and resource eligibility every month. If you go over income or over assets for one month, you could lose your Texas Medicaid benefits for the entire month.

Occasionally marketplace events can cause problems with maintaining eligibility. A previous example would be when insurance companies were de-mutualizing and issuing stock to people that held insurance policies. Many families that were not on top of the situation found their loved one being ineligible for Title 19 nursing home benefits because of the stock that nobody asked for. This year, the checks issued as part of the Stimulus Bill posed the same threat.

Fortunately, the government has offered guidance on the treatment of these checks before many of them are received. The stimulus checks are not income and will not affect a loved one’s income eligibility for Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits. In addition, it will not be counted as a resource for 10 months. It will be counted as a resource in February of 2010. is your resource to find an experienced Houston Medicaid Attorney who can help you find the right nursing home, get the best care, and pay for it all without going broke. We are currently focused on Harris and Montgomery Counties, including the areas of Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Humble, and Katy.

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