Income Eligibility Limit – Single

By Richard Shea

January 24, 2009

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One essential criteria to qualify for Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits is income eligibility. For a Texas Medicaid applicant that is single, the income limit for 2009 is $2,022 each month. The income limit for a married applicant will be discussed in a separate article.

If the applicant has monthly income less than $2,022 then they have established their income eligibility and can move on to the next step of winning Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits.

If the applicant has monthly income above that amount then they fail the income test. If you have been denied Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits because your income was too much, a Texas Medicaid Attorney may be able to help you create income eligibility with advanced legal techniques depending on your unique facts.

The income eligibility limit is redetermined each year and is subject to change.

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