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I will show you exactly how to get nursing home Medicaid anywhere in Texas with maximum asset protection. The sooner you contact me the more you save. So call me right now at (832) 592-7913 and start saving money instead of losing money.

"There Is Only ONE Surefire Way To Guarantee The Best Outcome"

Hi, my name is Rich. I am the owner here at The Shea Law Firm. In my 17 years of handling cases like yours, I know that there is only one surefire way to guarantee the best possible outcome for you - and that is to act quickly. The faster you take action, the better off you will be.


Because once you owe a nursing home bill, that money is gone forever. You can't get it back. I can't get it back. Nobody can get it back. That's why I have made the next step very simple. Call me for free at (832) 592-7913 so that we can tell you exactly what to do next.

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Lori Montoya

I highly recommend his law firm and him. He was able to get my dad approved and believe you me, it was not an easy task but he stayed at it and was able to get him approved.

Colleen Duewel

I could not have been happier with The Shea Law firm. Rich Shea helped me obtain nursing home Medicaid for my dad, which I thought was going to be impossible.

Attorney Richard L. Shea

My Guarantee To You

When you hire The Shea Law Firm you get peace of mind as well as results. That's why I do not charge any additional legal fees for an appeal if the HHSC denies or changes the eligibility date from what I promise you. No additional legal fees at all.