​​​​Medicaid Nursing Homes

Medicaid Nursing Homes

Not every nursing home is a Medicaid nursing home. If your parent or spouse is currently in a nursing home following a hospital stay they may be in a facility that is only Medicare certified, not Medicaid certified. So, once the Medicare covered rehabilitation period ends, you are going to need to start looking a medicaid nursing homes. If they are not already in one, then you will need to find one.

Is There Room?

If your parent is not already in a Medicaid certified nursing home (and also in a Medicaid certified bed), then you need to find a nursing home that will accept them. Most medicaid nursing homes are operating at or near capacity much of the time - there aren't many rooms available. Start looking for a nursing home early or you might go from very few options down to virtually no options.

Don't Make Responsible Party Mistakes

Believe me, I get it. It is an unbelievably stressful time when a parent needs to or has just entered a nursing home. Unfortunately, the people you are dealing with at the nursing home are businessmen. Those businessmen drafted up that nursing home admission contract to be VERY LOPSIDED in their favor. They know you are desperate and shame on them for trying to take advantage of that.

Unfortunately, those papers they push in front of you to sign are still legal contracts and can be enforced against anyone who signs them. So, don't make the mistakes that other people make and end up having the nursing home ruin your life just because you were trying to help your parents when they needed it.

You can find some more information on how those responsible party contracts can be a problem for you in the links at the bottom of this page.

Medicaid Nursing Home Myths

Bad information can be the most dangerous thing in the world when you are dealing with a Medicaid nursing home situation. Here are some common myths inexperienced people have:

  • A nursing home has to admit every patient that comes to their door. They don't.
  • Everyone at the nursing home wants to help you. In my experience, no. The nurses and care professionals hopefully do a great job in that department, but the administrator and business office are very much motivated by financial considerations.
  • Once you get into a nursing home they can't kick you out. They can, and they do.
  • The nursing home will do what is best for you when it comes to Medicaid eligibility and application. In my experience, no. Every dollar that I protect for you is a dollar that they don't get. The staff is also tied up with their own jobs and I've seen plenty of cases where they botch the Medicaid application or forget to file it. 

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