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Nursing Home Care For $0

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The Shea Law Firm Shows You:

  • How to get nursing home Medicaid
  • How to protect assets while in a nursing home
  • How to stop worrying and start taking control
  • How to fight the Medicaid spend-down and win!

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Avoid Costly Pitfalls

When your parent or spouse entered a nursing home they also entered a mine field. One wrong move can lead to disaster.

It is up to you to find the right path to achieve their goals and get them the care they need.

  • If you make a mistake the nursing home can evict your parent.
  • If you do nothing you can end up with no options.
  • If you wait too long, you can lose your chance to protect assets and fix transfers during the lookback period.

You Don't Have 100 Days

You may think your parent has 100 days of Medicare coverage but they probably don't. In most cases, Medicare only pays the full amount of rehabilitation coverage for 20 days! Starting on day 21 they can be responsible for a daily co-payment of $161.

So what about that 100 days you may be hearing about?

The key phrase is "up to 100 days." It is not a minimum of 100 days, but a maximum. Once the doctors decide rehabilitation has ended, Medicare can stop coverage and you need to figure out what to do real quick.

Yesterday Cost You About $162

Are you going to pay another $162 for tomorrow? And the next day?

The average cost of nursing home care in Texas is $162.41 per day. Some facilities cost more, others cost less. Each day you delay getting Medicaid benefits you are losing about $162.41. That adds up real fast.

Even worse, some Medicaid deadlines only occur once a month. You can't afford to mess that up by making mistakes because if you do then you just turned a $162 loss into a $4,900 loss.

Who Can You Trust?

This may be the first time you've even heard of me so I don't expect you to trust me right now. Nor should you trust any attorney who promises to solve all your problems before even hearing your case. 

I'm not in your shoes after all. So, instead of listening to me, take a look at what my clients have said about working with me. They have been in your shoes and they won. Click on the links below to check them out.

Their Financial Security Is At Risk

I'm sure you're under enough stress with one parent in a nursing home, but if you have another parent still at home it's even worse.

How are they are going to survive with these nursing home bills wiping them out every month???

Their financial future is in jeopardy once their spouse entered a nursing home. $4,900 or more per month can wipe out their savings in very little time and leave your parent with nothing to live on.

You need to know how to protect maximum assets and income for them.

Save them from financial devastation before it's too late

Stop Giving This Guy Your Life Savings

The CEO of a large nursing home company gets $1.3 million per year! He's not paid that amount to save you money, he's paid that from families who pay TOO MUCH for TOO LONG. My parents did not work hard their entire lives so this guy could get rich draining their life savings every month.

I doubt yours did too.

Most people I meet work hard for their families, and want to leave something for their families. I can show you how to make that dream come true while still getting nursing home Medicaid benefits.

Seriously, stop giving your family's life savings to that guy; I think he's taken enough already.

Here's What You Get:

Here is what you get when you take the first step to contact me for your free, no obligation, case review:

  • Your Questions Answered
  • A Medicaid Eligibility Target Date
  • An Asset Protection Estimate​

You Can:

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Cut your parent's nursing home bill down to as low as $0.

Protect assets safely, effectively and legally.

Protect more assets and income for an at home spouse.

Make almost anyone eligible for nursing home Medicaid.

Is It Really $0?

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? The good news is it is a very real possibility and it is something I have personally done for my clients.

How low you can make your parent's nursing home bill depends on many factors. These factors change with every case so there is no universal answer. However, in many cases married couples can reduce a nursing home bill down to $0.

For an un-married parent, there is almost always a small co-payment but it will not exceed their income.

Join The Club That's Protected

Over $1 Million

There are two kinds of families that have a loved one in a nursing home. On the one hand is the family that is burning through money every month until it is all gone. And then even after it is all gone they still usually do not have a plan to transition to Medicaid smoothly. They stuck their head in the sand and thought someone else would handle it. I can't help them.

On the other hand is the family that does not want the government or the nursing home administrator taking all of their life savings. These are the families that I help and I'm so proud to say I have helped families successfully protect over $1 million from nursing home bills and get them Medicaid. If you'd like to be part of that club, then

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I highly recommend his law firm and him. He was able to get my dad approved and believe you me, it was not an easy task but he stayed at it and was able to get him approved.

Lori Montoya

I could not have been happier with The Shea Law firm. Rich Shea helped me obtain nursing home Medicaid for my dad, which I thought was going to be impossible.

Colleen Duewel

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The Shea Law Firm is a local law firm based in The Woodlands, Texas. Attorney Richard Shea helps families eliminate out of control nursing home costs by showing them how to qualify for nursing home Medicaid without losing everything they worked their entire lives for. And yes, that even includes situations where you are already in the 5 year lookback period.

Don't accept the Medicaid spend-down, we can fight it and win.